The Joys of Clean Underwear

Earlier today I was running around getting ready for the gym and in reality, one probably don’t “need” clean underwear heading to the gym where one will be sweating anyway. BUT what is nice is to be able to open my underwear drawer and find that I do indeed have cute clean underwear to put on!

Needing new underwear

I was in serious need for some new panties to replace some of the older worn out ones. You know the ones where the elastic is starting to not hold tight and your underwear starts to fall down. I’m not sure which is worst, having your underwear ride up or fall down?!?? 🙄 The cotton underwear will start to get tiny little holes near the seams and the nylon ones will start shredding fine threads of nylon from being stretched too much.


What’s a girl to do? Buy new panties! Cute ones too! Unless you ask the guy I’ve been dating…when I told him that I just bought some new panties, he said, “why? you can wear them ’til they disintegrate”.  😟 I’ve seen his underwear…uhh…no!

Underwear Sale

And because I got them on a super sale at JCPenney, I was able to get 12 new pairs of these really cute nylon hipster style panties, yay! All different prints too to mix it up a little. But the greatest thing is that I have so many new cute pairs of underwear that when I do laundry, I am set for a good while WITHOUT having to wear the old ones that end up being worn when you don’t have clean underwear and end up being termed “granny panties” because they are out of shape and not so cute anymore!

I think women can relate to the joys of having clean underwear a lot more than men. I suspect men will wear dirty underwear for days on end instead of doing laundry. 😋 I feel a lot more feminine and confident knowing I am wearing clean cute panties, clean underwear is definitely one of the simply joys of life to me. 😊